Conference Schedule


Group 1 Friday 8/4/23 7:00am – 8:15am
301 Schwinn® Cycling:  R.I.S.E. & #RideRight with Abbie Appel
302 Does Size REALLY Matter?  Nautilus® Strength with Helen Vanderburg
303 Xtreme Hip Hop Step with Chris Washington
304 Boats, Bands, and Battle Ropes™ with SGT Ken®
305 Functional Fitness Assessment for Mature Clients with Dr. Dan Ritchie
306 Success!: Creating Bullet-Proof Plans for Your Clients’ Health Goals with Kelly Morgan
307 Lifestyle Impact on Hormonal Hell or Hormonal Harmony with Teri Gentes
308 Rise and Grind Pilates with Alicia Jerome
309 Turbulence Training with Aqua-Ohm with Irene PluimMentz

Group 2 Friday 8/4/23 8:30am – 9:45am
310 Schwinn® Cycling:  Dynamic Duos – Proven Cycling Fusion with Mindy Mylrea
311 Smart “Hands Off” Partner Play with Aimee Nicotera
312 Barre Building Blocks with Tricia Murphy Madden
313 Corrective Exercise for Chronic Shoulder and Neck Issues with Dr. Evan Osar
314 MIR: Planet of Fitness Business Possibilities with Lawrence Biscontini
315 Coaching Behavioral Change and Healthier Body Image in Weight Management with Melinda Rocha
316 S & M: Yoga for Stability AND Mobility with Robert Sherman
317 Smart Circuits with Katy Coffey

Friday 8/4/23 10:15am – 11:15am
318 PANEL DISCUSSION: Reaching the Unreachable with Staci Alden, Lawrence Biscontini, Kelly Morgan, Jenni Lynn Patterson-LaCour, Melinda Rocha & Dane Robinson

Group 3 Friday 8/4/23 12:00pm – 1:15pm
319 Schwinn® Cycling: Polishing Diamonds – How to Level up your Cycling Coaching with Helen Vanderburg
320 HIIT High Five by StairMaster® with Abbie Appel & Aimee Nicotera
321 Pro Athlete Core Conditioning with Dane Robinson
322 Bootcamp Buckets with Mindy Mylrea
323 All About the Ankle with Dr. Emily Splichal
324 Instructor Vocal Care with Chris LaCour
325 Yummy, Affordable Menu Planning & Meal Making with Teri Gentes
326 Choreo-Crafting: The Magic Behind Dance Fitness with Emily St. Amand
327 Wet Barre™: Burn with Katina Brock

Group 4 Friday 8/4/23 1:45pm – 3:00pm
328 Schwinn Cycling®: Leader of the Pack with Robert Sherman
329 Fountain of Youth: Nautilus® Strength with Sonja Friend-Uhl
330 Minimal Equipment, Maximal Impact!  with Aimee Nicotera
331 WARRIOR Rhythm™ | Flow State with Becky Conser
332 Exercise Program Design for the 55+ Client with Dr. Dan Ritchie
333 Strategies and Systems to Simplify Your Life AND Increase Impact with Staci Alden
334 Tips and Tricks For Sustained Weight Loss with Bruce & Mindy Mylrea
335 SoulBody BARRE UNHITCHED with Rebecca Voelpel
336 Acquapole® Circuit with Andrea Velazquez

Group 5 Friday 8/4/23 3:30pm – 4:45pm
337 Schwinn® Cycling: Let the Beat Drop – Mastering Cycling Musicality with Abbie Appel
338 What’s Your Type – Nautilus® Strength with Keli Roberts
339 Choreo-Crafting: The Magic Behind Dance Fitness with Emily St. Amand
340 Leaps and Bounds: JumpSport Athletic Training™ with SGT Ken®
341 Maximize the Benefits of Breathing Optimally for Life and Fitness with Jenice Mattek
342 Understanding Fascial Lines and How to Train Them with CJ Kobliska
343 Pantry Essentials for Fast, Healthy Meals with Teri Gentes
344 Fascia and Functional Stretching sponsored by Balanced Body® with Helen Vanderburg
345 Noodle Rx with Jenni Lynn Patterson-LaCour

Group 6 Friday 8/4/23 5:15pm – 6:30pm
346 Schwinn® Cycling:  Prime Design 2.0 – Programming Like a Pro with Keli Roberts
347 Breaking the Core with Tyler Valencia
348 Killer Step Choreo with Elizabeth Andrews
349 WARRIOR Strength™ | FUN in FUNctional Training with Ellen de Werd
350 Becoming The Go To Trainer/Gym In Your Area Through Community Engagement with Dr. Dan Ritchie
351 Instructor Class Experience with Rebecca Voelpel
352 How To Live To 120 with Bruce & Mindy Mylrea
353 Kickbox N Chaos with Tara Turner
354 Liquid Gym Stars with Andrea Velazquez

Group 7 Saturday 8/5/23 7:00am – 8:15am
355 Schwinn® Cycling: Pedal N Pulse with Mindy Mylrea
356 A Moment in Time – Optimizing HIIT Intervals by StairMaster® with Sonja Friend-Uhl
357 Loop Band Play: Powered by E5 Collective® with Aimee Nicotera
358 JumpSport® Barre and Bounce with Abbie Appel
359 Bulletproof Your Feet with Dr. Emily Splichal
360 Chain Reaction Biomechanics 101 with CJ Kobliska
361 Own Your Stage: Evolving Your Workouts into Memorable Experiences with Dane Robinson
362 Functional Training Meets Pilates sponsored by Balanced Body® with Helen Vanderburg
363 Power of Om with Katy Coffey

Group 8 Saturday 8/5/23 8:30am – 9:45am
364 Schwinn® Indoor Cycling:  Tri-Cycle – the Mode Triple Threat with Helen Vanderburg
365 Movement Play with Elizabeth Andrews
366 WARRIOR Combat™ | Keep Fighting with Diva Richards
367 Syncing the Core & Pelvic Floor with Jenice Mattek
368 Boutique-ify Your Cla$$ Experience! with Noël Nocciolo
369 Energy Medicine for Better Health, Headspace & Happiness with Teri Gentes
370 Pilates Flow, Stretch, and Centering with Alicia Jerome
371 Acquapole® Tone with Andrea Velazquez

Saturday 8/5/23 10:15am – 11:15am
372 PANEL DISCUSSION: Less Bustle, More Hustle with Staci Alden, Jessica Armstrong, Ashley Podoll & Michael Pipitone

Group 9 Saturday 8/5/23 12:00pm – 1:15pm
373 Schwinn® Cycling: Cycle Mixology:  Curating Killer Playlists with Robert Sherman
374 Cardio Coach: Basic Movement Assessment Workshop by Star Trac® with Sonja Friend-Uhl
375 LIT 101 (Low Impact Training) with Dane Robinson
376 Anchors Away: Resistance and Rowing™ with SGT Ken®
377 Hands On Stretching Bannister Method™ with Gail Bannister-Munn
378 BYOB (Build Your Own Brand) with AJ Meyers
379 The Nutrition Nudge with Bruce & Mindy Mylrea
380 Mobility and Restoration with CJ Kobliska
381 Aqua Drumming with SAF Aqua Drums Vibes with Andrea Velazquez

Group 10 Saturday 8/5/23 1:45pm – 3:00pm
382 Schwinn® Cycling: Breathy Not Breathless – Base-Building Threshold Training with Keli Roberts
383 HIIT – Bring on the 4-Letter Words! HIIT & REST for Success with Sonja Friend-Uhl
384 STEP: Take It Block by Block with Aimee Nicotera
385 WARRIOR Rhythm™ | The Guts to Stand Out with Ellen de Werd
386 Brain Based Balance Training with Dr. Emily Splichal
387 YouTube Centered Digital Marketing with Tyler Valencia
388 Managing Body Idealization and Body Dysmorphia as a Fitness Professional with Melinda Rocha
389 STRONG Nation® with Ricardo Alas
390 Aquafiitcation with Katy Coffey

Group 11 Saturday 8/5/23 3:30pm – 4:45pm
391 Schwinn® Recovery RX with Helen Vanderburg
392 Introducing Unconventional Exercises to Your Clients with Tyler Valencia
393 Xtreme Hip Hop Step with Chris Washington
394 HIIT the Barre with Tricia Murphy Madden
395 Corrective Exercise for the Psoas and Glutes with Dr. Evan Osar
396 Social Media is Dying: Why You Need an Email List NOW with Kelly Morgan
397 Mind-Ful Health: Self-Care Practices for Optimal Well-Being with Teri Gentes
398 SoulBody RESTORE with Kristen Townsend
399 Liquid Gym Circuit with Andrea Velazquez & Irene PluimMentz

Group 12 Saturday 8/5/23 5:15pm – 6:30pm
400 Chill and Flo with Elizabeth Andrews
401 HIIT Em up Style Dance Jam with Tara Turner
402 Let Me See You Bounce: JumpSport AMRAP Challenge™ with SGT Ken®
403 Resistance Band Total Body Band with Gail Bannister-Munn
404 Voice: Secret Weapon to Engage Your Community with Noël Nocciolo & Ashley FitzSimmons-Olsen
405 Fitness Business Ethics and Relationships with Staci Alden (will fulfill ACE requirement – must attend session)
406 Zumba® STEP INTO HAPPY™ with Kelly Bullard
407 Wet Barre™: Booty with Katina Brock