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Group 1 FRI 8/6/21 7:00am-9:00am (EST)
201 Schwinn® Cycling: Work Not Twerk – Results with Rhythm with Alex McLean (ZOOM OUT)
202 Welcome to the Jungle – StairMaster® HIIT with Sonja Friend-Uhl
203 Build a Better Core with Mindy Mylrea, Tricia Murphy Madden & Lauren George
204 Best Training Tips for Maximizing Your 30 Min Sessions with Maurice Williams
205 MASHUP®: Deliver 3 workouts in 1 with VIIT with Jacquese Silvas & Jennifer Taylor
206 The Future of Work in the Fitness Industry with Fred Hoffman (ZOOM IN)
207 WARRIOR Rhythm™ with Ellen de Werd
208 Imposter Syndrome – How it’s Holding you Back and What to Do About it with Kelly Coulter
209 Rotator Cuff Problems? Corrective and Resistance Exercise Solutions with Dr. Evan Osar (ZOOM OUT)
210 Chair One Fitness: Cater Your Classes to The Fastest Growing Population: Aging Wellness with Alexis Perkins
211 Viva Virtual with Abbie Appel (ZOOM OUT)
212 Yoga Coaching Lab with YogaMedCo and Dr. Suzie Carmack
213 Acquapole® Tone with Andrea Velazquez & Jeannie Brown-Johnson
Group 2 FRI 8/6/21 9:30am–11:00am (EST)
214 Schwinn® Indoor Cycling: Bring IT: Verbal & Visual Cueing Mastery with Mindy Mylrea (ZOOM OUT)
215 Barre Alignments with Leslee Bender
216 Anchors Away: Functionally Fun Resistance and Rowing™ with SGT Ken®
217 Pound.Rockout.Workout® with Amanda Schmidt
218 Legal Essentials for Fitness Studio Owners & Professionals in a Post-COVID World with Cory Sterling (ZOOM IN)
219 Jungshin® Athletic Flow Long Sword Format with Annika Kahn & Yury Rockit
220 We Have Weight Loss All Wrong: We are Doing It Backwards and it Doesn’t Work with Eliza Kingsford
221 Breath: The Secret to Improving Posture, Movement and Performance with Jenice Mattek, LMT, IMS (ZOOM OUT)
222 Naboso® Falls Risk, Sensory Stimulation & Perception of Self with Dr. Emily Splichal
223 ACE® Credibility Builders in the Fitness Industry with Shannon Fable (ZOOM OUT)
224 Coconut Beach Camp with Suzelle Snowden
225 Acqua Stretch and Tone with Andrea Velazquez & Jeannie Brown-Johnson
Group 3 FRI 8/6/21 11:30am–1:00pm (EST)
226 Schwinn® Indoor Cycling: Ride or Die:  Killer Vibe to Connect with your Tribe with Yury Rockit (ZOOM OUT)
227 Your Brain on HIIT – Bonus Benefits of High Intensity Training – StairMaster® with Sonja Friend-Uhl
228 Triple Threat Barre with Leslee Bender, Tricia Murphy Madden & Lauren George
229 Circuit Modality Mayhem with Michael Piercy
230 LaBlast® Fitness: Dance Patternography 2.0 with Gizelle Merced
231 Sleep on It with Lawrence Biscontini (ZOOM IN)
232 BOSU® Barre Strong with Elizabeth Lenart
233 Tips and Tricks For Sustained Weight Loss with Bruce & Mindy Mylrea
234 Core Training for Low Back and Hip Problems: An Inside Out Approach with Jenice Mattek, LMT, IMS (ZOOM OUT)
235 Silver Superhero with Jonathan Ross
236 Transformational Leadership for The World 2.0 with Petra Kolber (ZOOM OUT)
237 WARRIOR Strength™ with Ellen de Werd
238 Acquapole® Boxing with Andrea Velazquez & Jeannie Brown-Johnson
Group 4 FRI 8/6/21 2:00pm–4:00pm (EST)    
239 Schwinn® Cycling: SchwINTENSITY with Robert Sherman (ZOOM OUT)
240 Basic Movement Assessments for Cardio Modalities by Star Trac® with Sonja Friend-Uhl
241 Gliding Re-Invented! with Mindy Mylrea
242 AMRAP in a SNAP with Abbie Appel
243 Step CELEBRATION with Jeff McMullen
244 The Science of Beating Burnout and Re-Energizing Your Fitness Career with Brett Klika (ZOOM IN)
245 Peak Pilates® Transitions, Transitions! with Zoey Trap
246 Why Won’t my Clients do What I Tell them to Do? with Eliza Kingsford (ends at 3:30 pm)
247 FAI® Functional Balance Circuits for Clients Over 50 with Dr. Evan Osar (ZOOM OUT)
248 YOUR BODY 2.0 – Group Fitness for the 40 Plus with Tricia Murphy Madden & Pete McCall
249 Built to Last with Shannon Fable & Staci Alden (ZOOM OUT)
250 Yoga Choreography Lab with YogaMedCo and Dr. Suzie Carmack
251 Liquid Gym Star Workout with Andrea Velazquez & Jeannie Brown-Johnson
Group 5 FRI 8/6/21 4:30pm–6:30pm (EST)
252 Schwinn® Cycling: Breathy Not Breathless – Base-Building Threshold Training with Abbie Appel (ZOOM OUT)
253 PILATES FIT + STRONG with June Kahn
254 Best Buns and Leg Exercises on the Planet with Mindy Mylrea
255 Jungshin Combat® Long Sword with Annika Kahn & Yury Rockit
256 How to Create and Grow A Youth Fitness Program with Brett Klika (ZOOM IN)
257 Strength and Flow with Keli Roberts
258 Beyond Traditional Core Training with Maurice Williams
259 FAI® Functional Aging Training Model and Why your Clients Over 40 Need this Approach with Dr. Dan Ritchie (ZOOM OUT)
260 Naboso® Understanding the Aging Foot & Its Effect on Movement with Dr. Emily Splichal
261 Branding for Fitness Professionals with Pete McCall (ZOOM OUT)
262 YogaFit® Don’t Worry – Be Happy! with Kim Gray
263 LaBlast® Splash: Patternography 2.0 with Megan Cooperman
Group 6 SAT 8/7/21 7:00am–9:00am (EST)
264 Schwinn® Cycling: Rock Steady – Recovery Rides that Drive Results with Keli Roberts (ZOOM OUT)
265 Purpose NOT Circus – Legit HIIT – StairMaster® with Pete McCall
266 PRANA BARRE with June Kahn
267 BOSU® Bootcamp Redefined with Mindy Mylrea & Doris Thews
268 LaBlast® Dance Fitness: Active Aging For All with Megan Cooperman
269 Peak Pilates® Progressions with Zoey Trap
270 Group X: Master the Side Hustle or Successfully Make It Your Career with Alexis Perkins
271 FAI® Power Training for Older Adults, How to Safely Train for Power and Speed with Dr. Dan Ritchie (ZOOM OUT)
272 Ageless Glutes with Leslee Bender
273 The Virtual meets Real World with Tricia Murphy Madden & Lauren George (ZOOM OUT)
274 YogaFit® YogaLean with Beth Shaw
275 Acquapole® Advanced with Andrea Velazquez & Jeannie Brown-Johnson
Group 7 SAT 8/7/21 9:30am–11:00am (EST)  
276 Schwinn® Cycling: Master Your One – Rule Yourself & Rock Your Room with Abbie Appel (ZOOM OUT)
277 “Toning” is NOT a Thing. WORK is Part of Work Out! – Nautilus with Sonja Friend-Uhl
278 Let the Beat Drop with Lauren George
279 Basic to Badass Powered by Flex Cord with Carolyn Erickson
280 ACE® Elevate Your Group Fitness Experiences by Incorporating Behavior Change with Staci Alden
281 MASHUP®: Active Recovery, Are You Implementing It? with Jacquese Silvas & Jennifer Taylor
282 Top Foods for a Healthy Gut Microbiome with Bruce & Mindy Mylrea
283 FAI® Caregiving Exercise Training with Dr. Dan Ritchie (ZOOM OUT)
284 Naboso® Foot Function & Fascial Lines with Dr. Emily Splichal
285 Inspired Leadership – Lessons from Three Decades in the Business of Fitness with Amy Thompson (ZOOM OUT)
286 WARRIOR Strength™ with Ellen de Werd
287 Liquid Gym Punch and Pump with Andrea Velazquez & Jeannie Brown-Johnson
Group 8 SAT 8/7/21 11:30am–1:00pm (EST)
288 Schwinn® Cycling: A DJ Saved My Life:  The Secret to Savvy Playlists with Robert Sherman (ZOOM OUT)
289 Nautilus Strength® – Does size REALLY matter? with Pete McCall
290 Balletone® Meets Barre with Elizabeth Lenart
291 Quick Hiit: The Short Circuit Programming Solutions with Michael Piercy
292 Pound.Rockout.Workout® with Amanda Schmidt
293 Body BARRE BLAST with Jeff McMullen
294 Things I Wish I Knew in My First Year in Fitness with Jonathan Ross
295 FAI® Secrets of Successful Studio Owners with Dr. Dan Ritchie (ZOOM OUT)
296 Ageless Pilates with Leslee Bender
297 Take Control of Your Career with Shannon Fable (ZOOM OUT)
298 YogaFit® The Addict In Us All with Beth Shaw
299 LaBlast® Splash: Dancing with Aquatic Principles with Megan Cooperman
SPECIAL SESSION: Saturday 8/7/21 12:30 pm –1:00 pm (OPEN TO PUBLIC – FIRST COME FIRST SERVE)
ZUMBA® with Zumba® Education Specialist: April Smith
Group 9 SAT 8/7/21 2:00pm–4:00pm (EST)
300 Schwinn® Cycling:  Set the Stage: Planning the Perfect Ride Every Time with Alex McLean (ZOOM OUT)
301 360 Solution – Consultative Business Solutions Core H&F with Pete McCall & Heath Debish
302 Extreme HIIT Chaos® with Mindy Mylrea
303 The WaterRower® Games™ with SGTKen®
304 Jungshin Rhythm® Double Short Swords with Annika Kahn & Yury Rockit
305 WARRIOR Rhythm™ with Ellen de Werd
306 The 3 Biggest Mistakes Fit Pros Make when Getting Started Online with Kelly Coulter
307 Tight Hip Flexors? Anatomy, Assessment and Corrective Exercise for the Hips with Dr. Evan Osar & Jill Leary, LMT, IMS (ZOOM OUT)
308 BOSU® Body in Balance: Life Training for Active Aging with Keli Roberts
309 Fundamentals for entering the Fitness Technology Space with Doris Thews (ZOOM OUT)
310 BARE® #barefootstrong Workout with Dr. Emily Splichal
311 Liquid Gym Jump with Andrea Velazquez & Jeannie Brown-Johnson
Group 10 SAT 8/7/21 4:30pm–6:30pm (EST)  
312 Schwinn® Cycling: RIDE AND ROW with Doris Thews (ZOOM OUT)
313 Encore! One More Time! with Tricia Murphy Madden & Alex McLean
314 Plyo Play with Jonathan Ross
315 Step It Up! with Gail Bannister-Munn
316 Barre Bang with Abbie Appel
317 Reinvent and Change Your View with Jacquese Silvas
318 Balance Your Client’s Feet with Dr. Evan Osar (ZOOM OUT)
319 Ageless Intensity with Pete McCall
320 The Confidence Catalyst with Petra Kolber (ZOOM OUT)
321 Genius Breaks Coach Certification with YogaMedCo and Dr. Suzie Carmack
322 SAF Aqua Drums Vibes® with Andrea Velazquez & Jeannie Brown-Johnson
Group 11 SUN 8/8/21 7:00am– 9:00am (EST)
323 Flexibility for the Inflexible with Keli Roberts
324 Flex Cord: Pilates Powered Barre with Abbie Appel
325 M2: Movement Meditation with Yury Rockit
Group 12 SUN 8/8/21 9:30am–11:00am (EST)
326 Mobility Combos Your Body Craves with Jonathan Ross
327 Peak Pilates® Relax and Rewind with Zoey Trap
328 Road to Recovery with Jeff McMullen
Group 13 SUN 8/8/21 11:30am–1:00pm (EST)
329 Hipster Yoga Stretch with Doris Thews
330 The Bannister Method™ Hands On Stretching with Gail Bannister-Munn
331 Be Water, My Friend with Yury Rockit
STRONG Nation™ with Master Trainer: Ricardo Alas