This year DCAC LIVE STREAMING Fitness Education will kick off each weekend with a Keynote Speech for all attendees!

KEYNOTE Friday 7/31/20 10:00 am – 10:45 am (EDT)
A New Movement for A New Moment with Petra Kolber
Can you hear the call? Are you ready for your moment ? And are you willing to lead the charge as we create a new movement?

Just a few short months ago, the world came to a screeching halt and it has changed the fitness landscape forever. The question is, how have we changed to be able to meet the new needs of our customers and clients?
Petra will share tips and strategies from the world of Positive Psychology to help you tap into your true calling and become the transformational expert that the world has been waiting for.
It is time to dust off your dreams, make friends with your doubts, and turn up your light. Now is the moment to shine so brightly that you ignite a flame of possibility and hope in everyone you meet. What will your new movement be?
KEYNOTE Friday 8/7/20 10:00 am – 10:45 am (EDT)
Get Your Mind Right. . . NOW!!! with Todd Durkin
How bad do you want success? How hard are you willing to work to fulfill your dreams? In this inspirational keynote, internationally-acclaimed coach & author of the best-selling book, Get Your Mind Right, Todd Durkin leads a high-energy, inspiring motivational talk that is guaranteed to light a fire inside of you. He will specifically address the steps needed to create an amazing culture, deepen leadership, attract new clients & members, explode your brand, and create more time & money freedom. If you are searching for the “next level” in business and life, don’t miss this session!
KEYNOTE Friday 8/14/20 10:00 am – 10:45 am (EDT)
Dreams to Reality with Leslee Bender
In this keynote presentation Living Your Passion, international speaker Leslee Bender will share with you why passion is vital to career happiness.       It is the reason we strive towards mastery and earn success. She will share with you her journey in the fitness industry and how you can turn your dreams into reality.  Ignite your spirit in the 7 step program Believe it, dream it and turn action to lead, motivate and coach others to transform their lives.