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July 31 – August 1
August 7 – August 8
August 14 – August 15

For the past 29 years, Fitness Conventions Inc. has been providing continuing education courses to fitness professionals to satisfy their certification requirements and further their education. It is our goal to provide this necessary education in a professional, affordable and service-oriented manner. Our events are great opportunities to promote your fitness related products to the fitness professionals around the world. Our attendees include group exercise instructors, personal trainers, fitness directors/managers, aquatic instructors, yoga/pilates instructors, senior fitness teachers, and many more.
This year the DCAC Fitness Conference will be held virtually over 3 weekends in shorter increments of time. We know that attendees have been in the virtual world for some time now and are most likely tired of sitting in front of a computer. We will host the event through ZOOM Conferences. Attendees are still able to earn up to 18 hours of Continuing Education Credits for the Full Conference.