Convention Schedule

DCAC FitCon – Become the Ultimate Crossover Fit Pro

Move forward in fitness for 2024 at DCAC FitCon! Discover new opportunities in the fitness industry when you join us for workshops in boot camp/functional training, barre, HIIT, Cycling, personal training, active aging, and aquatics that will help elevate your career and help you become multifaceted as a fit pro while earning continuing education credits.

This year we have some exciting changes.  Several presenters are teaming up for crossover sessions.  We also have a new panel!  We have two DCAC Core Concept sessions.  This will be a session for all attendees with multiple presenters and breakout huddles exploring hot topics in the industry.


Group 1 FRI 8/2/24 9:00 am – 10:15 am
701 Flat Feet!  How our Foundation Affects Function with Dr. Emily Splichal
702 DCAC Combo: The Ultimate Crossover Fit Pro Techniques with Michael Piercy & Aimee Nicotera
703 Ballin’ On The Mat Pilates Flow with Alicia Jerome
704 Fountain of Youth by Nautilus® Strength with Mindy Mylrea
705 Body Weight HIIT Training with Dr. Len Kravitz (lecture)
706 SAF Aqua Drumming with Andrea Velazquez (aqua)

Group 2 FRI 8/2/24 10:30 am – 11:45 am
707 Symmetry: Advanced Postural Measurement and Corrective Exercise with Patrick Mummy
708 Human Reformer with Lauren George
709 WARRIOR Rhythm™ | Secrets to Successful Students with Ellen de Werd
710 Restorative Yoga with Gail Bannister Munn
711 Schwinn® Cycling: Rhythm Roadtrip – Mastering Cycling Musicality with Abbie Appel
712 Beating The Odds: Reshaping Special Population Exercise Classes with Ruben Pereyra (lecture)
713 Turbulence Training with Irene Pluim Mentz (aqua)

Group 3 FRI 8/2/24 12:15pm-1:30pm
714 FAI® Ageless Fitness Opportunity to Train Clients Over age 50 with Dr. Dan Ritchie
715 Your Brain on Play with Aimee Nicotera
716 WERQ® Dance Fitness with Ruben Pereyra
717 Hands on Stretching with Gail Bannister-Munn
718 Schwinn® Cycling: Hear us ROAR with Mindy Mylrea
719 Earning Your Worth: Mastering Pricing and Financial Stability as a Personal Trainer with Jen Gerasimas (lecture)

Group 4 FRI 8/2/24 2:00pm-3:15pm
720 Low Back Pain: Core Exercise Myths and Corrective Exercise Mastery with Dr. Evan Osar
721 Athletic Aging with Tricia Murphy Madden
722 MYFIIT with Mindy Mylrea
723 Your Brain on HIIT by StairMaster® with Sonja Friend-Uhl
724 Schwinn® Indoor Cycling:  Beast Mode with Aimee Nicotera
725 The Science of High Intensity Functional Training with Dr. Len Kravitz (lecture)
726 Acquapole® Tone with Andrea Velazquez (aqua)

Group 5 FRI 8/2/24 3:45pm–5:00pm
727 FAI® Functional Balance Circuits for Clients Over 50 with Dr. Dan Ritchie
728 DCAC Combo: Glute Recruit with Abbie Appel & Tricia Murphy Madden
729 Next Level Yoga – Sequencing, Mechanics & Cueing with Robert Sherman
730 BOUNCE Basics with Sabrina Ursaner
731 Intelligent Class Design with Joey Stabile
732 Be a Playmaker: Lessons from a life in Fitness & Sports with Michael Piercy (lecture)
733 Aqua Fight Club with Jeannie Brown Johnson (aqua)

Group 6 FRI 8/2/24 5:30pm-6:45 pm
734 DCAC Core Concept: Coaching & Communication with Lauren George & Tricia Murphy Madden featuring FAI®, Fit Pro Programming, Indigo Aquatics Schwinn® Indoor Cycling, WARRIOR Instructor Academy

Group 7 SAT 8/3/24 7:00am– 8:15 am
735 FAI® Exercise Program Design for the 55+ with Dr. Dan Ritchie
736 The Fitness Fun Formula with Michael Piercy
737 Rise & Grind Pilates with Alicia Jerome
738 JUMPstart your day with Sabrina Ursaner
739 Schwinn® Indoor Cycling: Go with the Flow with Robert Sherman
740 Diet Diagnosis with Mindy & Bruce Mylrea (lecture)
741 Liquid Gym Shine with Andrea Velazquez (aqua)

Group 8 SAT 8/3/24 8:30am– 9:45am
742 Breath Centered Recuperation and Restoration Sessions with Jenice Mattek
743 WARRIOR Combat™ | Keep Fighting with Diva Richards
744 Movement Assessments by Star Trac® with Sonja Friend-Uhl
745 Schwinn® Cycling:  R.I.S.E. & #RideRight with Abbie Appel
746 Ultimate Calorie Burning Transformation with Dr. Len Kravitz (lecture)
747 Strength Beneath the Surface with Irene Pluim Mentz (aqua)

PANEL SAT 8/3/24 10:15am– 11:30am
Becoming a Multifaceted Fit Pro with Jamie Nicholls, Patrick Mummy, Aimee Nicotera & Ruben Pereyra

Group 9 SAT 8/3/24 12:15pm– 1:30pm
748 The Physics of Pain & Performance with Patrick Mummy
749 Integrated Strength with Lauren George
750 Amazing ZUMBA® Class Just for You! with Beatriz Busch
751 Ride the Rocket (Yoga) Blast with Isabella Gutfreund & Laura Kuah
752 Schwinn® Cycling: Kettle and Pedal with Aimee Nicotera
753 Advanced Resistance Training Techniques with Dr. Len Kravitz (lecture)
754 Bollywood Drums Vibes with Andrea Velazquez (aqua)

Group 10 SAT 8/3/24 2:00pm– 3:15pm
755 STRONG Nation® with Jenny Han
756 Ageless Super Hero 2.0 with Michael Piercy
757 FitCore™ Mat: Fit to the Core by Peak Pilates® with Courtney Weis
758 HIIT & Rest by StairMaster® with Sonja Friend-Uhl
759 Schwinn® Cycling: Rock & Roll Ride with Robert Sherman
760 The Sold-Out Class Strategy with Dane Robinson (lecture)
761 Liquid Gym Circuit with Andrea Velazquez & Irene Pluim Mentz (aqua)

Group 11 SAT 8/3/24 3:45pm– 5:00pm
762 The Only Foot Exercise You Need to Know! with Dr. Emily Splichal
763 Pro Athlete Core Conditioning with Dane Robinson
764 WARRIOR Strength™ | Simple & Seriously “Sticky” with Ellen de Werd
765 SharQui – The bellydance workout® with Oreet
766 Schwinn® Indoor Cycling: Biker Barre – The Killer Cycling Cocktail with Abbie Appel
767 What To Eat Every Day for Optimal Health with Mindy & Bruce Mylrea (lecture)
768 Band Camp (SPLASH) with Jeannie Brown-Johnson (aqua)

Group 12 SAT 8/3/24 5:15pm– 6:30pm
769 Common Shoulder Issues and Corrective Exercise Solutions with Dr. Evan Osar
770 DCAC Combo: Harmonizing Strengths: Group X with PT with Lauren George & Dane Robinson
771 Killer Core with Abbie Appel
772 Mind & Motion: Functional Fitness In Our Later Years with Ruben Pereyra
773 WARRIOR Revolution™ | Beat-Based Benefits on the Bike with Ellen de Werd
774 Close the Gap between Group Ex & PT with Gail Bannister-Munn (lecture)
775 Aqua Tabata with Jeannie Brown-Johnson (aqua)

Group 13 SUN 8/4/24 7:00am–8:15am
776 DCAC Combo: Posture & Alignment with Personal Training with Patrick Mummy & Gail Bannister-Munn
777 Pickle Ball & Tennis Conditioning with Aimee Nicotera
778 WERQ® Like A Boss with Ruben Pereyra
779 Dance To Define with SharQui® Bellydance with Oreet
780 Lifestyles of SuperAgers: Live Long and Prosper with Dr. Len Kravitz (lecture)

Group 14 SUN 8/4/24 8:30am–9:45am
781 DCAC Core Concept: Calculate Your Biz Macros with Ellen de Werd, Dane Robinson, Diva Richards & Abbie Appel

Group 15 SUN 8/4/24 10:15am–11:30am
782 Toe Spacers |  Foot Fad, Recovery Tool or Balance Hack? with Dr. Emily Splichal
783 Barre Hard Core with Tricia Murphy Madden
784 Band Camp with Gail Banister-Munn
785 Seated, Assisted, Standing – Tackling a Multilevel Active Aging Group X Class Mindy Mylrea
786 From Free Consult to Forever Client: Mastering the Sales Funnel for Trainers with Jen Gerasimas (lecture)

Group 16 SUN 8/4/24 12:15pm– 1:30pm
787 Symmetry Postural Measurement Workshop with Patrick Mummy
788 The Recovery Recharge with Dane Robinson
789 FitCore™ Mat: Ball Blaster by Peak Pilates® with Courtney Weis
790 Prep Your Body for Monday (Yoga) with Isabella Gutfreund & Laura Kuah