About Us


Thirty-two years ago, the Washington DC Aerobics Convention was born to help fitness enthusiasts and current professionals advance their careers in fitness education and to develop a community of like-minded fitness professionals.  Our goal has always been to facilitate the launch of new fitness careers, then educate and empower these individuals into successful fitness professionals. Each year our event has expanded to include the newest and most innovative and creative programming available. Combining the best of the best presenters with the added factor of fun makes attending a DCAC sponsored event an annual get together not to be missed.

Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or a certified fitness pro, DCAC has something to offer every year that only a career in the fitness industry can provide. We guarantee that you will leave DCAC with a refreshed spirit for fitness and the enthusiasm and education to motivate and educate your clients, club members and or fitness friends into the future.  Our events are recognized by all the major fitness certification companies and we offer continuing education credits through all of the following agencies: AEA, ACE, AFAA and NASM.


JAMIE NICHOLLS is the CEO of Fitness Conventions Inc. She plans and executes conventions for fitness professionals to further their education. Jamie has 22 years experience in the fitness industry and is an ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor. She has been involved with Fitness Conventions Inc. since 2001 starting off as a staff assistant.  She became the Registration Manager in 2006 and the Finance Manager in 2010.  In 2011, she became Co-Owner of the business.  In 2019, she became the CEO. She resides in the Richmond, VA area and teaches a variety of group exercise classes at the local YMCA. She is an independent distributor for The Juice Plus Company. She also volunteers her time at the Step Up for Down Syndrome event every year. She was just recently elected to the Board of Directors and Vice President of the Hunley Foundation where she will share responsibility in guiding the Foundation forward in carrying out its mission to provide financial assistance to a variety of charitable, religious, scientific and educational organizations and will play a key role in the stewardship of Foundation assets. Jamie resides in Quinton, Virginia with her husband and two children.

SHANNON ELKINS is a Consultant for Fitness Conventions Inc. She has over 25 years experience in the fitness industry and is an ACE certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor. She presented at the very first DCAC Fitness Convention.  In 2001, she became Co-Owner.  Now she serves as a consultant for DCAC Fitness Conventions.  She resides in the Richmond, VA area where she trains clients of various levels and teaches a variety of group exercise classes at both private fitness centers and corporate locations.